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Quick Facts Of Nepal

Nepal is a small country which is located between India and China. Among many things, the country is known throughout the world for having the highest mountain on earth, mt. Everest and as a birthplace of lord budda and a favorite choice of country among adventure travelers.

People and Language
Currently 30 million people live in Nepal
Nepalese race makes up for the most part while a few other races includes Indians, Bhutanese, Philippines, Burmese and Chinese. Nepali is the official language of the country. There are over 100 spoken languages among Ethnic groups and Hindu is practiced widely, and others include Christianity and Buddhism, all living in a harmony. Nepal is the world’s Hindu country with 80% of the people practicing the religion. English is part of a school subject, spoken by students and in the cities. Country practices British English in writing such as in English Newspapers.

Country’s Land
Nepal has an area of 56,827 square miles about 147, 181 Square Kilometers. Nepal has extreme diversity of land ranging from 80% hills and mountains with their unique features with a moderate temperatures in most parts and flat land, known as Terai is fertile and humid ideal. Farming is the main business for national economy and eight of then tallest mountains are located in Nepal which provides for adventure tourists who visit the nation, including the Mount Everest Climbers.

Nepalese currency is written as Rupees or in short as Rs.  Pronunciation of the currency should be as Rupeeya. There is a slight difference in pronunciation of Nepali Currency vs Indian Currency, yet nationalities from both country understand that it is their currency. In writing along with other foreign currencies, NPRs or NPR are  common short terms used to represent Nepalese Rupees, where NP stands for Nepal or Nepalese and R stands for Rupees. The word for money coin is  “Paisa” Notes have iconic images in front and back bears background images of country’s assets such as image of Everest, national animals, etc.

Generally, Nepal enjoys a pleasant weather due to country’s size and geographical location. Temperatures remain diverse from place to place as elevations are extreme. Many of the cities here at higher altitudes are the valleys such as Kathmandu valley, Pokhara and Dharan, which receive weather that’s not too cold nor too hot except for a few weeks during winter and summer seasons. Nepal’s four seasons are March to May: Spring, June to August : Summer,  September to November : Autumn,  and December to February : Winter. Monsoon brings nearly 80% of the rain.

Official holidays including National Democracy Day, Dashain and Tihar Festivals, and International ones like English New Year, Christmas and Valentines Days are celebrated as well.

Nepal usage Hydropower electricity at 220 to 240 Volt AC at 50 Mhz.  Electrical plugs and sockets use 2 or 3 round pins for connection. Smooth electricity supply is in development and supply is run on a  schedule in certain areas during drought season.

Nepal’s time is +5.45 Greenwich time.  For example, Nepal’s time  10 to 11 hours ahead of Eastern time in the United States, London 9 a.m. would mean Nepal 2:45 p.m. Nepal does not use daylight saving or ending time system.

Distance in Kilometers (km), Weight in Kilograms (kg), Volume in Liters (lt) and Length and Heights as in Country’s Mountains in Meters (m). e.g. 1 miles is 1.6 km, 1 meter is 3.2 feet, 1 litter is 32 ounce, 1 kg is 2.2 pounds.

Public buses with daily and nightly  schedules connecting major cities includes Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bhairahawa and all major terai cities.  City area with public buses, public vans, taxis, rickshas, and 3 wheelers are available. Tourists vans and buses are available from Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. Nepal mostly depends on transportation by road and traveling by road can be equally fun when visiting many cities of Nepal.
a photo as sample what paved mountain highways of Nepal look like. They go down or climb mountains literally.

Government and Private run Internet, Phone and Cellphones are available. Broadband Internet, Wireless Internet options from Internet Service Providers and GSM, GPRS, 3G Cellular Networks available with options for international roaming services. Nepal’s country code is 977.

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